Jessica Anderson

Jessica Anderson

Praise God for my story so far

My life’s been totally changed through knowing Jesus as my Saviour and Lord and experiencing God’s amazing love. And I’m really keen to do as much as I can to share that love with others.

In 2015 so far I’ve been continuing my work as a musician – performing, accompanying and teaching. Except for one day a week which has fast become my favourite… Every Wednesday I’ve been going to my church (Village Church Annandale) to get trained in ministry and serve God and others as a volunteer. I’ve been learning how to teach the Bible and care for and encourage others in a variety of contexts (more about what I actually do in the next section).

It’s been so exciting seeing how God’s used me to build others up and help people to get to know him. I want to give my all to telling people the good news about Jesus and helping Christians to grow. I’m prayerfully hoping that you’ll partner with me financially and/or in prayer so that I can do that with more of my time.

My hopes for 2016-17

Jessica AndersonI am convinced that the best way for me to bring glory to Jesus in 2016-2017 is to serve him as a ministry apprentice.

I’m excited because I’ll be doing the 2 Timothy 2:2 thing, learning from people more experienced than me how to teach the Bible to others, so that they too may share Jesus.

I’m expecting that my week will be full of things like:

  • Meeting up with people who don’t know Jesus to share Christ with them,
  • Leading small groups and training courses for younger Christians in the ministry of the word,
  • Studying theology with peers as ‘iron sharpens iron,’
  • Developing the Scripture work where children are more deeply understanding Christ,
  • And I’m really excited about this one – Leading the ‘mission portfolio’ at my church, overseeing the whole area from initial contact with the community through to Introducing God courses.

In addition I’m expecting to spend time each week with my ministry trainers Dominic Steele and Liz Hooper learning about the Character, Convictions and Competences of Christian Ministers.

I’m asking that God might use me to lead several people to Christ and to raise up several more women as future ministers of the gospel.

In terms of finances, it will cost $35 000 for me to do this each year. I’ve been asked to raise one third of this. This means I need to find 12 people to give $1000 per year or $20 per week or 24 people to give $500 or $10 per week.

Would you please consider being a financial partner with me.

To support me … download & return the attached form
OR become a regular giver to my B-Pay support account 636092,  Reference Number 12047

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