Village Life

Village Life

At Village Church, we want everyone to have a real sense of belonging and connection in our community.

We created Village Life especially because of this desire.

It’s an initiative to welcome and connect everyone, especially people who are new to Village, warmly and meaningfully into Village life over four weeks. It’s both an eyeglass and the gateway into the life of our community.

We’ll hang out and get some drinks made for us at the Village Café. You’ll get to meet some Villagers who’ve been around for a while, and others who are also checking out what Village is like. Then we’ll gather on the couches in ‘The Breakout’, where we’ll introduce you to some of the Village Team, and explore some of our core beliefs about who God is (which we actually think are key to who we are as people who are part of God’s family!). Then at the end of the series, we’ll invite you to join a Community Group to help you settle and get comfortable with our church family.

We love that you’re here with us, and it’s our prayer that Village Life won’t just give you a look at what life is like in our church, but that coming along will help you make your home in our Village.