The Mark Drama

The Mark Drama

web adAstonishingly powerful, moving, you could hear a pin drop.”

“Nothing less than a brilliant, vivid encounter with the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

He’s the most influential person in all of history. Come and experience his story in a 90-minute theatre-in-the-round performance.

The Mark Drama has been taking the world by storm with performances all over Europe, North and South America and Australia. And we’re thrilled to be bringing it back for its second run at Village Church.

No props. No costumes. No microphones. Just the authentic story. 15 actors bring it to life with a drama based on the Gospel of Mark – considered to be the earliest of the accounts of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. The compact plot and touching dialogue still has profound relevance in today’s society.

Or $15 at the door.

Childminding provided for children under 8 (Children 8 and up can watch the performance).

A powerful, fast-paced and accurate retelling of the Gospel.”

“The thought of drama in church normally makes me cringe, so the Mark Drama came as an astonishing and powerful surprise.”