Silvanus Thiem

Silvanus Thiem

Silvanus (or Silas) began a ministry apprenticeship with Village Church in 2017. He’s a quirky guy- with a love for sweet tunes, minimalist aesthetics, and good coffee. But most of all, he loves sharing and exploring who Jesus is, especially with people who haven’t been introduced to Jesus yet.

In the life of our church, Silvanus is responsible for Membership, which is ‘being God’s family together’. Which means that he’s always filling his diary with people- lots of people; especially helping those who are new to church feel at home in our Village.

If you haven’t met him yet, ask him out for a coffee (he never says no to coffee)!

He’s married to Hannah. When he’s not hanging out with her on the weekend, you’ll find him brewing his own coffee, playing his Maton, writing spoken word, or chasing golden hour.

You can check out what he’s been up to on Facebook and on Instagram.

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