CMS Missionary Liz Burns | 2CH Sunday Nights

CMS Missionary Liz Burns | 2CH Sunday Nights

Earlier this evening, I spoke with MALCOLM RICHARDS who is running the whole show up at Katoomba – the big Church Missionary Society Conference.

2000 – 3000 adults.

1200 kids.

250 youth leaders.

Representatives from loads of churches from all across Sydney.

It’s a week-long event, held at Katoomba – focused on Christian Mission – sending people out as Missionaries – to different parts of the world, working with this large missionary society – the the Church Missionary Society.

Our producer BEN McEACHEN is profiling missionaries who are on a home leave sabbatical – back in Australia – before they head back out to the field again on another stint – and are attending the conference.

He is speaking here with LIZ BURNS.