Did Jesus exist? Raphael Latasater vs Dr Lionel Windsor

Did Jesus exist? Raphael Latasater vs Dr Lionel Windsor

Sydney Uni student Raphael Latasater caused a bit of stir at Christmas time, writing that Jesus never existed,

Latasater says ‘Filled with mythical and non-historical information, and heavily edited over time, the Gospels certainly should not convince critics to trust even the more mundane claims made therein.’

His article was been comprehensively refuted by Dr John Dickson and Dr Michael Bird.

Bird says “Those of us who work in the academic profession of religion and history simply have a hard time taking them seriously. They are the equivalent of climate change deniers or 9/11 conspiracy theorists. None of them are bonafide academics with tenure at a respected institution in this field, have peer-reviewed publications, and are recognised as experts in their area. The Jesus mythicists are a group of enthusiastic atheists who through websites and self-published books try to prove the equivalent of a flat earth. 

We speak first to Raphael Latasater and then Dr Lionel Windsor from Moore Theological College.