Aussie Christian Heroes | TC Hammond

Aussie Christian Heroes | TC Hammond

TC’s successor Marcus Loane says …

He [TC] was a man of massive intellect and noble capacity, generous, large hearted, full of Irish wit and foible, with a broad fescinnine sense of humour, and a strong masculine love of humanity; a great man, who did not lay down the reigns of office until late in his 77th year, a man whose like we may never see again.

Loan’s successor DB Knox says his predecessor was

a theological polymath, widely read, and blessed with a retentive memory; at home in the Bible, the Reformation, and in scholastic theology; fair-minded and courteous even in controversy; a man with an original turn of mind and so always worth listening to, even in those long sermons; ‘a very sanctified man, with great gifts used in a busy life’; in short, man to be reckoned with.

Current Moore Principle Mark Thompson observes that …

it has often been said that Hammond was one of those who gave global evangelicalism ‘intellectual muscle’ in the years surrounding World War 2. He certainly gave new confidence to the students at Moore and so the clergy of the Diocese of Sydney.