Village Training 2017

Village Training 2017

Village Training“I liked the intensity of the training. It meant I was focused on learning across the three days.” 

“I enjoyed the whole thing; the content was great!”

“I learned a way to study the Bible by myself which made the Bible seem less esoteric and overwhelming.”

“I learned how to read and study the Bible in depth.”

Village Training is back for 2017! The training team will build on the success and knowledge developed in last year’s training program.

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Strand One – You will learn a model that will enable you to understand and teach a passage faithfully and confidently. You’ll learn the importance of the Big Idea and how to write your own Bible study from a New Testament passage.  Strand group leaders:

  • Gary Hamilton-Irvine & Hannah Steele
  • Jared Marshall and Wendy Porter
  • Silvanus Jehud Thiem and Bethany Utber
  • Jon Kwan and Fiona Taylor

Strand Two – You’ll build upon the model you learned from last year, but, this time, the focus will be the Old Testament, specifically Biblical Theology. You’ll learn how to understand and teach an Old Testament passage, in light of Christ, and apply it today. Strand group leaders:

  • Martin Shields & Kristy Griggs Marshall
  • Zachary Anderson & Catherine Steele
  • Robert Young and Emily Loa

Strand Three – You’ll build upon the model from strands one and two but, this time, the focus is learning how to think theologically. You’ll learn how to understand and teach any topic in a gospel-centered way. Strand group leaders:

  •         Ben George & Liz George


A Typical Day at Village Training

Start the day with coffee and an inspiring talk from our Village Training 2017 speaker Ray Galea.

Break into your assigned strand group and get started on the strand material in the personalised booklet provided as part of the program.

Fellowship with students over breaks time, morning tea, lunch and an afternoon snack.

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Daily Program

08:45 Arrive
09:00 Ray Galea on ‘The glorious message of the Gospel’
10:30 Morning Tea
11:00 Strand Group – How to teach the New Testament/Old Testament/Biblical Theme
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Ministry & Mission | Principles & Practicalities with Dominic
15:00 Strand Group – How to teach the New Testament/Old testament/Biblical Theme
16:30 Afternoon tea/relax
17:00 Go home

Plan your attendance

Village training will run Thursday, January 19 to Saturday, January 21, 2017 – only two days off work. Apply for your leave from work now to avoid disappointment.

Register online on this link