We’re looking for a video editor/producer

We’re looking for a video editor/producer

At Village, we’re looking to employ a one day a week video editor/producer commencing August 2017.
We are blessing Australia and the world through our video ministry.  Our talks are screened weekly on the Australia Christian Channel.  Danny Yap has done a brilliant job increasing production values and we’ve been having really encouraging talks with the channel about future projects.
Also, our vodcast and podcast ministry helps grow our church through making the Sunday talks available to anyone who missed it (particularly parents with young children), as well as for re-watching or recommending to a friend. And locally it’s of particular value to parents of young kids, who are often distracted or in crèche on Sunday mornings.
We want to continue producing video content at a high level, as well as expanding the scope of the ministry to produce resources and additional content that people can use to glorify God. We’re looking for a  level of professionalism, creativity and focused attention.
Job Description
  • Manage the videoing and live streaming and editing of our morning and evening gatherings and other meetings on Facebook, Twitter and other appropriate social media platforms.
  • Creatively considering how we can monitor and increase video and online interaction with our meetings.
  • Providing content to the Australian Christian Channel.
  • Bringing a creative eye to the task to ensure materials are within Village Church brand, compelling and engaging.
  • Ensuring church video equipment is kept in good working order and is properly secured.
  • Where appropriate, training others in tasks related to this role. 

Expectations of someone having this role

  • A vital daily relationship with God through prayer and Bible study
  • A commitment to the mission and vision of Village Church.
  • You will be expected to contribute fully to the life of our church through active participation in at least one Village Church meeting each week.
  • A genuine care and concern for your family and friends.
  • Regular attendance and positive involvement each week in one church meeting (as a member not a videographer) of the church.
  • Regular involvement in either attending or leading a community group.

The successful candidate will be an Australian citizen or will hold the appropriate Visa enabling them to work in this capacity.

If you would like a full and detailed job description or would like to apply for the position please contact Penny Wolf as soon as possible.